I appreciate and love many different dog breeds but there is no other breed that truly touches my heart and soul as much as the Bernese Mountain Dog. When I was about six years old I saw a Bernese for the first time and that was love at first sight. He was a big and kind dog, always smiling – a real Bernese! Years went by and finally in the summer 1994 I had my first Bernese puppy in my arms. Since those days I’ve become more and more involved with this wonderful breed.

My passion

Dog shows are definitely my passion; I’ve been handling Berners in conformation rings since I got my first dog and I just love it. Among my own dogs I have had the privilege to show many beautiful Berners of my friends to many great wins. Although I spend many weekends in dogs shows throughout the year it is only a small portion of our life. I enjoy long walks in the forest, hiking or just relaxing with my dogs. Sometimes I also do obedience, tracking, agility, water rescue work or drafting with my dogs but not to compete. For the moment I leave that to my wonderful puppy people – who are doing a terrific job on that field by the way!

Our dogs

Our dogs are first and foremost our beloved pets and instead of keeping several dogs at home I enjoy working with co-owners. This way everyone gets as much attention as they deserve and I can have more freedom and possibilities in my breeding program.



I believe there are no secrets behind success and reaching your goals – and there are no short cuts either. It is hard work, hours of planning, studying, training, exercise, grooming and loving your dogs.
In a nutshell my goal at Funatic is to breed top quality Bernese that have solid temperaments and healthy long futures.



If you are interested in a Funatic puppy or want to learn more about our dogs, please contact Tuuli for more information.

Mrs. Tuuli Rikama   /   Helsinki, Finland   /   tel. +358.40.1695.844