Funatics with MyDogDNA Pass

In News by Tuuli

During the last few months we’ve tested several Funatics with MyDogDNA genome-wide panel testing package. Finally it was possible to share the results public so here are the first profiles of our dogs.
Click the names of the dogs to view the pass:

» MyDogDNA PASS: Funatic Miss Behaving (Genetic diversity 25.1%)
» MyDogDNA PASS: Funatic Now I’m Stepping Out (Genetic diversity 24.4%)
» MyDogDNA PASS: Funatic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Genetic diversity 24.9%)
» MyDogDNA PASS: George-Clooney von Bernice Love (Genetic diversity 26.3%)
» MyDogDNA PASS: Funatic Jon Stoppable (Genetic diversity 25.9%)
» MyDogDNA PASS: Funatic Taittinger (Genetic diversity 26.2%)

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I came across MyDogDNA during the summer 2013 and out of curiosity we took samples of our dogs at the European Dog Show in Geneva where Genoscoper Laboratories were promoting MyDogDNA and later we tested more dogs as part of the genetic diversity project of the breed club.
I became interested in genome-wide testing when German club SSV launched their genomic breeding values (age, hips, elbows). MyDogDNA has a different approach as it is a panel testing package of several hereditary traits and diseases for all breeds and also includes information about the genetic diversity and relationships of the breed, population and the individual.
Although the package doesn’t offer much on hereditary disease testing point of view for Bernese yet, information about genetic diversity and relationships and also MyDogDNA Breeder tool and DNA profile (ISAG or AKC) have been worth the money in my opinion. And I’m eagerly waiting when Genoscoper includes DM and vWD type I in the package so that we wouldn’t need to take several different samples and buy several different kits anymore.  Oh and HS pre-test would be a nice addition, too…. Girl’s gotta dream, right?

So far a bit over 60 Bernese in total have been tested and level of genetic diversity doesn’t look too bright for our breed. The median genetic diversity level of Bernese Mountain Dogs currently is 24.7% in the database (range 22.4% – 26.9%). This is lower than the median diversity level among all dogs in the MyDogDNA database 28.9 % (range for all dogs 15.3% – 40.1%). Sample size of Bernese is still small but it already gives us some insight. We need to keep testing to get better picture.