Three decades ago, in 1994, holding my first Bernese puppy in my arms, the memory remains vivid as if it happened yesterday. As a teenager who had dreamed of having her own dog since age of 5, that moment marked my introduction to the world of pedigree dogs and dog shows, igniting a passion that has endured through the years. 

I've been breeding Bernese on small scale since 2001 under the prefix FUNATIC, achieving success with numerous champions, several Specialty winners and #1 dogs in the breed.

I believe there are no secrets behind success and reaching your goals – and there are no short cuts either. It is hard work, hours of planning, studying, training, exercising, feeding, grooming, loving and taking care of your dogs.


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We reside in the serene countryside, approximately 40 minutes away from Helsinki, in a charming small town Pornainen. One of my favourite aspects of our home is the direct access to the forest from our backyard, allowing us to take our dogs for daily walks in the woods. For me walking and trekking in the Finnish forest is the best way to relax and spend quality time with our dogs.

Our dogs are first and foremost our beloved pets and rather than maintaining multiple dogs at home, I enjoy collaborating with co-owners. This approach ensures that each dog receives the attention they deserve, while also granting me greater flexibility and opportunities within my breeding program.

My goal at Funatic is to breed top quality Bernese that have solid temperaments and healthy long futures.


If you are interested in a Funatic puppy, stud service or want to learn more about our dogs, please contact Tuuli for more information.

Mrs. Tuuli Rikama   /   Pornainen, Finland