Savo Show Weekend 2014

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3 shows in Kuopio 1st – 3rd August 2014.

Friday, August 1st:
» Funatic Jon Stoppable EXC3 in intermediate class
» Funatic Mucho Gusto EXC in champion class
» Funatic Here Kitty Kitty EXC1 in junior class
» Funatic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang VG in open class
Judge: Myriam Vermeire

Saturday, August 2nd:
» Funatic Jon Stoppable EXC2 CQ in intermediate class
» Funatic Mucho Gusto EXC1 CQ in champion class, BD#1 CACIB BOS
» Funatic Here Kitty Kitty VG4 in junior class
Judge: Ralf Campbell

Sunday, August 3rd:
» Funatic In Like Flynn VG1 in junior class
» Funatic Jon Stoppable VG4 in intermediate class
» Funatic Mucho Gusto EXC3 CQ in champion class, BD#3
» Funatic In Lust We Trust EXC3 in junior class
Judge: Harto Stockmari

Savo Show weekend has become a tradition for us when we get to spend the weekend at the show with our dogs and good friends and enjoy the Finnish summer, dining and wining, traditional Finnish smoke sauna, and Finnish lake.
Thank you once again family Kerman for your hospitality!

Ch. Funatic Mucho Gusto

Funatic Jon Stoppable

Funatic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Ladies in Kuopio

Savo Show weekend with good friends

Saturday 2.8.2014 in Kuopio:
Ch. Funatic Mucho Gusto BOS, Ch. Zweierteam Ramonda BOB under Ralf Campbell

Remembering Ch. Funatic Taittinger…