1st week for Y puppies

In News by Tuuli

First week has gone so quickly and all is good in the nursery! Farina is taking excellent care of her pups, milk bar seems to be open almost 24/7, puppies are eating and sleeping. At 1 week old pups have almost doubled their weights.

Seven pups don’t seem to be a big enough family for Farina and she tries to adopt every plush toys in the house. Our daughter needs to be careful where she leaves her toys… This is the first litter in our home since our daughter was born. Being a two year old toddler who has her own strong will you can figure out that if Farina thinks all the plush toys are for her whelping box then our daughter thinks all the pups in the whelping box are hers. She now has her own small whelping box full of Berners. Luckily our daughter has been quite good at listening what she can do and when but of course she occasionally tries to push the boundaries. It has been fun watching her with puppies and how gentle she is with them.

Below are some new pics of puppies at 1 weeks old.
For more pictures go to: Funatic Y litter Album at tuuls.1g.fi